Spetsnaz Commander - Colonel

Unit: 14th Separate Guards Spetsnaz Brigade, 8th Directorate, GRU/GU

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Full Name: Sergey Yurievich Polyakov

Russian Name: Поляков Сергей Юрьевич

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Date of Birth: February 16, 1975 (age: 47 years)

Place of Birth: village of Yagodinka, Krasnoluchsky rural settlement, Oktyabrsky district, Russia

Place of Death: Vuhledar direction, Volnovakha Region, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

Education: Far Eastern Higher Combined Arms Command School (specializing in reconnaissance and special forces operations); Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Taught for 3 years at the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School

Awards: Hero of Russia, Order of Courage, medals, including Order of merit for the Fatherland with swords, 2nd class, other under investigation.

By decree of the President of the Russian Federation ("closed") of May 8, 2023, for the courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duty, Guard Colonel Sergei Yuryevich Polyakov was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously).
"I'm a combat officer," he complained to his mother. "I'm not an office worker!" They've made a teacher out of me! I can't stay here! I beg: "Send me to the troops!"

In 2019, his commander went on leave, and, taking advantage of his absence, Polyakov submitted a report for transfer. In 2020, he was appointed commander of the 14th Separate Guards Special Forces Brigade, which was based in Khabarovsk.

Previous Deployments: Chechnya (x2), Syria, Kazakhstan, Ukraine

During his second deployment to Chechnya, Polyakov was seriously wounded and sent to a military hospital in Volgograd. It took a long time to be treated.

Polyakov was in Syria for six months. What he had to go through in this southern country is evidenced by his awards - the Order of Courage and the Medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" with swords of the II degree.

On the night of February 3, artillery from the 🇺🇦 72nd Mechanized Brigade hit the headquarters of the 14th GRU Special Forces Brigade from Ussuriisk, killing several officers of the command, including the brigade commander, Colonel Sergei Polyakov. About 30 men of the volunteer detachment "Alga" were killed. Lieutenant General Rustem Muradov, Hero of Russia, is in charge of the entire operation to take Vuhledar. He is the only one who until recently liberated the village Pavlovka by forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (the rest did not achieve anything at all). Now Muradov is cursed by our soldiers and junior officers for driving the "columns of people to the slaughter".

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