Depot Commander

Unit: Arms Depot, Unknown Airborne Unit

Died in the Kherson region

Cargo ID: #601

Full Name: Viktor Ivanovich Bortkevich

Russian Name: Борткевич Виктор Иванович

Viktor Ivanovich was born in the then Soviet Lviv, graduated from a military school in Kharkov, later became deputy commander of the battalion for the rear of the internal troops in Kiev, where he worked for about 12 years.

With the collapse of the Union, the man moved with his family to Russia. As a true patriot, he was particularly concerned about the events in Ukraine. By the time of the announcement of partial mobilization, kudrovchanin had long left his job in the armed forces, but for the hereditary military, the defense of the Motherland and loved ones is a sacred duty, a matter of honor and the call of the heart. Therefore, the major, with the smile characteristic of our usual, but incredibly brave people, made a decision, arranged a warm send-off in the circle of relatives before sending and simply went to fulfill his duty.

He was among the first to arrive at the recruiting station. And then - exercises in Kostroma, where Kudrovchanin was assigned to the airborne division, and forward - to the combat zone. Bortkiewicz was appointed head of the arms depot. Our hero died in the Kherson region.