Spetsnaz Commander - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: 322 Center of Special Operations "Senezh", 346th Spetsnaz Brigade, 8th Directorate, GRU

After graduating from college in 2008, he served in the special-purpose officer unit of the Special Purpose Center "Senezh" of the Special Operations Forces of the Main Directorate of the General Staff (deployment point - the city of Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region). Worked his way up to commander of a special forces group. He has repeatedly carried out combat missions involving risk to life in various regions of the Russian Federation (North Caucasus), as well as beyond its borders, including in Syria, where Russia has been conducting a military operation against international terrorist groups since 2015. For his courage and military valor, he was awarded several military orders and medals. He formed the Senezh TsSN and headed the instructor-combat group.

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Full Name: Boris Vladimirovich Mikheev

Russian Name: Михеев Борис Владимирович

Date of Birth: 26 December 1985 (age: 36 years)

Place of Birth: Omsk, Omsk Region, Russia

Lived in: Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia

Place of Death: Uknown (Mortar Fire, subsequently died in Hospital)

Education: Omsk Cadet Corps; Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School

Girlfriend: Tatyana Volkova (VK.com)

Awards: Order of Courage (x2); the Medal "For Courage"; the Suvorov Medal; the Zhukov Medal; the medal "For Military Valor" of the II degree; the medal "For Distinction in Military Service" of the II and III degrees; the medal "Participant of the Military Operation in Syria"; the Hero of Russia (ph.)

Previously Deployed: Syria

The Russians themselves have come up with two separate version of the events that lead to his death:

On August 4, 2022, during a special military operation, Lieutenant Colonel Boris Mikheev participated in a battle with the task of disrupting the offensive of superior enemy forces. During the battle under heavy enemy fire, Lieutenant Colonel Mikheev selflessly risked his life to hold the occupied line of defense. Wounded, he led the personnel and supporting firepower until the end of the battle. The unit fulfilled the task, Lieutenant Colonel Mikheev himself died from his wounds.
On August 4, 2022, while performing a combat mission as part of a reconnaissance group, he came under mortar fire, was wounded, but he continued to provide assistance to the wounded of his group. Lieutenant Colonel Boris Mikheev died in a military hospital from blood loss.

Evidence has surfaced that Lieutenant Colonel Boris Mikheev was killed with Major Nikolay Aseev and with Major Pavel Shtepa in the same battle.

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