Regiment Officer

Unit: 1444th Separate Motor Rifle Regiment, 1st Separate Motor Rifle Brigade, 1st Army Corps, DPR Militia / Central Military District

Killed in HIMARS strike on 1 January in Makiivka with Lt. Col. Alexy Bachurin [Cargo ID #592].
Shekhovtsov was a Police Major who was mobilized into the 1444th. He was given the military rank of a Senior Lieutenant. However, because this list features other Police Majors (primarily SOBR and OMON officers), he is being listed at his original rank, not his mobilized rank.

Cargo ID: #598

Full Name: Andrey Nikolaevich Shekhovtsov

Russian Name: Шеховцов Андрей Николаевич

Age: 49 years

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Wife: Svetlana Shekhovtsova (Akimova) (

Sisters: Maria Dridger (, Natalia Dyuzhakina (

Brother: Sergey Fedorov (