Wagner Spetsnaz

Unit: Wagner PMC

They served in the GRU special forces with the ranks of major and captain. After they moved to the Wagner detachment. The fighters died during the storming of the city in Ukraine, which one is not indicated in the death certificate. According to their relative, the men blew themselves up along with their enemies.

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Full Name: Andrey Shlemenko

Russian Name: Шлеменко Андрей

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Andrey and Sergey Shlemenko (unknown which is which) died together serving Wagner
Sister Lilia is upset that she isn't getting her Lada payment: "I spent a lot of money to have my brothers brought to me. Funerals in Samara and Ryazan are expensive. <…> I was denied compensation everywhere. Please help me. My brothers died for peace. Why was I denied financial assistance everywhere?"
Lilia's post was made on 1 January, which indicates her brothers likely died towards the end of 2022, though no information has been released about the exact date.

Lilia's VK Profile: https://vk.com/id719961898

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