Unit: Unknown.

Cargo ID: #587

Full Name: Alan Alexandrovich Gazdanov

Russian Name: Газданов Алан Александрович

Age: 31 years

From: The village of Dzuarikau in North Ossetia

Participated in the war since September 2022.
The terrible news came to the Gazdanovs' house on December 31. Alan's wife Diana received a call from an unknown number. She could not believe what had happened, because she had talked with her husband the day before.
“The 30th was the last time they spoke. Complained of pain in the eye. And I didn't even know what it could be. Said he had been to the hospital. I did not want to stay there, because there are many wounded. That night, he most likely died. On the battlefield, something always helped him, saved him, ”recalls Alan's wife Diana Gagiev.
Alan is a representative of the valiant family of the Gazdanovs. Seven brothers left the village for the front during the Great Patriotic War. None of them ever returned. Mila, the only daughter of seven brothers, noted that Alan's death was a tragic surprise for the family.
“It is a great honor for us that our surname, for me it was even I can’t convey what a loss it was. After the seven brothers died, we believed that God forbid this would happen again, and someone else from the Gazdanov family would die. And again the family lost the most good-natured boy who loved everyone. He treated everyone like family, ”concluded Mila.