MIG-31 Pilot, Regiment Commander - Colonel

Unit: Flight Safety Regiment, 27th Composite Aviation Division, Southern Military District

"Roman Anatolyevich trained flight personnel to perform combat missions, repeatedly performed extremely complex tasks, including the complex emergency landing of four MiG-31s with full ammunition in Usinsk on November 15, 2018."
"From 2020 to December 2021, he flew in Syria in the cities of Deir ez-Zor and Palmyra. From the first days of the special military operation, from February 24, 2022, he participated in the implementation of combat missions. Always "in the sky", busy, at work. Roman had difficult dogfights, but he always flew in victoriously, and always brought the wingmen safe and sound. In the individual standings in the special operation, Roman Anatolyevich has 9 downed enemy aircraft." (These are the Russian figures so normal caveats apply)

Cargo ID: #560

Full Name: Roman Anatolievich Vdovydchenko

Russian Name: Вдовыдченко Роман Анатольевич

Education: Stavropol Flight School

Date of Birth: 26 July 1974 (age: 48 years)

The emergency situation arose during the take-off of the MiG-31 aircraft under the command of Roman Anatolyevich, when gaining maximum speed, at the end of the runway. The technical causes of the disaster are being investigated by a special commission. The plane for some reason did not give out the required power for takeoff.
Already at the end of the runway, a braking parachute was released, but this could not stop the 42-ton machine, and at a speed of about 350 km / h, the aircraft is approaching the cliff.
The remaining released landing gear exploded, the plane literally jumps off the cliff, but the crew does not eject - knowing that immediately after the runway in the straight line of take-off there are rooms of girls from the technical service of the airfield, the crew in the remaining seconds, taxiing as much as possible on the ground, leads the aircraft away from a collision with the buildings of the technical service.
Only after making sure that the premises of the technical service are not affected, the crew ejects. The navigator's catapult worked first, half a second before the pilot's catapult. But at this moment, the plane crashes into the fence of the airfield, the catapult of Roman Anatolyevich clings to the barbed wire "egoza" and the plane, together with the pilot, falls off the cliff and catches fire.
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