Unit: Unknown.

Cargo ID: #535

Full Name: Artyom Pavlovich Ivanov

Russian Name: Иванов Артём Павлович

"Posthumous medals won't change anything! I'm proud of you brother. Millions of souls ruined.... No to war! Peace-peace!take care of each other's relatives. Eternal memory to all those who died in this meat grinder, this world is doomed....."
"On November 16, 2022, a lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation died in Ukraine while performing military duty Artem Pavlovich Ivanov, born in 1987, is my nephew. Shortly before this sad event, during the fighting, Artem, risking the cost of his own life, heroically fulfilled the tasks assigned to him. For which he was presented with the award of the Order of Courage. But unfortunately, I managed to get it posthumously. Strong, courageous, optimistic in life. Always ready to help others. You will always remain in our hearts, our dear, we are proud of you! We love, we remember, we grieve…"