Company Deputy Commander

Unit: 37th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, 36th Combined Arms Army, Eastern Military District

Cargo ID: #515

Full Name: Pavel Yuryanov

Russian Name: Юрьянов Павел

Born: 1980

Pavel likely died at the end of March, but there has been no official disclosure of his expiration date. Once one is released this card will be updated.
Equipment had to be bought by his wife
On 4 February Pavel told his wife this deployment to Belarus was not for a drill.
Field camp of the Russian Armed Forces near the village of Bezuev, Rechitsa district, where Pavel was stationed, on satellite imagery on February 2, 2022 (source: BAP Intel )
On February 23, the day before the attack, Major Yuryanov photographed the order of the column of military equipment, in which there were 62 vehicles: mainly KamAZ, Urals and ZiLs (the estimated length of the column is 3,150 meters). 
On March 16, the political officer photographed a new list of equipment. This time there were only 15 vehicles in it, one of which was crossed out. The numbers of the vehicles and the names of the servicemen coincide with some of the names that were indicated in the convoy the day before the attack.