Training Officer

Unit: 138th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, 6th Combined Arms Army, Western Military District

“Lieutenant Colonel Lapin said that Allah is a weakling. They shot him in an hour and a half.”

Cargo ID: #475

Full Name: Andrey Lapin

Russian Name: Андрей Лапин

“It all began with the fact that some of our soldiers – Dagestani, Azerbaijani and Adygean said that “this is not our war” and tried to write reports that they do not want to serve anymore. Lieutenant-Colonel Andrei Lapin, when he learned this already through the company commander, gathered everyone and began to say that “this is a holy war.” Everything happened in the morning at the plaza, where the construction takes place, the anthem is sung. The conflict began, several people began to push, including from my company.

In response, the Tajiks told Lapin that a holy war is a war between Muslims and infidels. Lapin said, “God is a coward if he doesn’t allow you to fight for the country you swore to.” I personally think that’s what hurt the most, the phrase that “Allah is a weakling.” The phrase shocked many of those who stood on the parade ground. Because we have Muslim officers, both Bashkirs and Tatars.

After the construction, the Russians and Muslims continued the conflict, after that they all parted and, sort of, calmed down. And after an hour and a half, somewhere at lunch, we were all sent together to shooting ranges, and three Tajiks who are on contract service, they deployed their machines, they had live ammunition, and shot the commander of our - Lieutenant Colonel Lapin, he died on the spot. They opened fire indiscriminately. On the ground were both contractors and mobilized. The dead I saw were 29 people. The 30th is Lieutenant Colonel Lapin. This is not counting the two Tajiks, along with them killed — 32. The wounded I do not know exactly how many, part of the helicopters delivered to Belgorod already, part with me in Valuyki now.

Two or three minutes before the shooting began, we Muslims were told to step aside. I remember that the shooters were named: Biksot – he is a sergeant major, the other – Anushe, and the third – junior sergeant Ami. I can't remember his last name. Junior Sergeant Ami escaped. And Lieutenant Semenov killed two of the shooters. Semenov at that moment was in a room where boxes of ammunition are stored, where they are given to us. He had his own gun, he was not present during the shooting, he heard what was happening, went out and shot both Tajiks. In Ami, he hit his shoulder, but he managed to escape. He shot the wire, where the fence, there is not even a fence, and the wire bent, this is the place through which some in the city went when the checkpoint was impossible to pass. There is such a mound, that is, he, roughly speaking, just stepped over. We were told he was still on the run, he wasn't caught.

Specifically, these Tajiks [who opened fire] — they were ardent supporters of their faith. They were constantly fighting because they were not allowed to pray on time, they were not given a prayer room,” the young man said.

Shooting Aftermath

⚠️ The images below show dead bodies ⚠️

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