Regiment Deputy Commander - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: 234th Guards Air Assault Regiment, 76th Guards Air Assault Division, Southern Military District

Cargo ID: #392

Full Name: Aleksey Valerievich Afonin

Russian Name: Афонин Алексей Валерьевич

Date of Birth: February 2, 1980 (age: 42 years)

Lived in: Pskov, Pskov Oblast, Russia

Education: Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces

Awards: Order of Courage (ph.), others under investigation

Previously Deployed: Syria

Today in Pskov, at the multidisciplinary legal lyceum, a memorial plaque to guard Major Artyom Lazarenko and guard Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Afonin will be unveiled. Both of them died while performing military duty during a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. (January 13, 2023)
“Always, if he set some goal, he achieved it. He wanted to be a military man. And if I want to be a military man, then I am a defender of my Fatherland. Therefore... It’s sad, of course, that all this happened. But he fulfilled his duty,” Natalya Burova, class teacher of Alexei Afonin.

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