On February 24, 2023, Yevgeny Prigozhin released the following video from an undisclosed location on the outskirts of Bakhmut:


He made the mistake, however, of letting a few pieces of information slip that allowed us to relatively easily pinpoint the location of this Wagner base. The first piece of information is that he states they are about 400 meters from Bakhmut. This let's us know we need to be looking at the outskirts of the city.

The second, and more important, piece happens towards the end of the video as they are hustling back towards cover:

The word "АЗШВ" can be clearly seen on a rather unique white building. A quick Google search shows АЗШВ to be Artwinery, a Ukrainian sparkeling wine producer based out of Bakhmut. A quick map search places them here:

That location is near the outskirts of Bakhmut, so it seemed worth looking into further. Examining the video closely we identified some fairly unique features of the location:

Wood stairs (Bright Green) between the camera location and what is presumably Bakhmut
A relatively small building with a small structure (Yellow) that faces the wooden stairs (Bright Green)
A pretty sizable retaining wall (Bright Pink) between the wood stairs and the "Bunker"
The "Bunker" (Orange) backs up into a large hill (Dark Green). There are some decently sized distribution poles (Red), and slightly uphill of the Bunker are two other buildings (Light Green and Dark Blue). Finally, there is a unique central green space (Purple) with some sort of wood structures sticking up (Light Blue).
As they approach the Bunker (Orange) we can see the two buildings up the hill from them, and another staircase (Turquoise)

It became clear pretty quickly that the building listed on the map as being АЗШВ is not where the video was filmed. It appears to be an office building, whereas the video was filmed at what appears to be some sort of factory or warehouse facility. Furthermore, the area in the video is clearly a very hilly area, whereas the map shows АЗШВ on flat ground.

Further research shows that АЗШВ used to run tours of their factory/storage facility, the entrance of which looks like this:

Note the distinctive pointed red roof

And that they store their wine in what is very clearly an underground cave/mine:

An excellent place to setup a command post when within HIMARS range.

All of this taken together made us believe we should be looking slightly further north, where the terrain was more appropriate and some roofs could be seen matching the color of the entryway above:

We were able to locate the entry way above with its two telltale "turrets":

Pretty good, but hardly conclusive. What we really needed was the bunker entrance. Primarily we were looking for a building that was sunk into the hillside, and had that unique greenspace in front of it. We managed to locate the exact position in the northwestern corner of the complex.

Click to enlarge

Here  you can see all of the unique features highlighted, with the position of Prigozhin and his camera crew in White. The white arrow indicates the direction they were initially filming in, then then dashed line indicates the path of their retreat into the АЗШВ warehouse.

The exact position of the entrance shown in Prigozhin's video is:

48.600125° N, 38.032558° E.