Reconnaissance Company Commander

Unit: 2nd Army Corps, LPR Militia

Cargo ID: #353

Full Name: Andrey Sergeevich Gusarov

Russian Name: Андрей Сергеевич Гусаров

Date of Birth: 3 October 1976

Mother: Natalya Andreyevna

With the beginning of special operation Major Gusarov, of course, was on the front line. But he stayed there only for a week. On March 1 the commander and his men got into a "meat grinder" and died, having received gunshot and shrapnel wounds, incompatible with life.
He was a commander and should not have gone on a reconnaissance mission by himself. But he did not leave his soldiers behind. He went with them and died, - Natalya Andreyevna says without holding back tears. - He had a family there, a child. He planned to finish his service and move to Krasnodar.
The commander of the reconnaissance company, call sign Platon. He himself is from Russia, he volunteered from the very beginning of the plague. He was killed on March 1 near the town of Popasna. As part of a reconnaissance team, he covered himself when carrying out combat mission, pulling the guys out. At the cost of his life he gave the boys a chance to live.