Regiment Commander - Lieutenant Colonel

Led the actions of subordinate units during the operation to capture Kyiv from the Western direction. Units subordinated to Pozdeev were involved in war crimes against the civilians in Kyiv Oblast.

Unit: 217th Guards Airborne Regiment, 98th Guards Airborne Division, Western Military District (likely took over command of this unit when its former commander, Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Drozdov, was seriously wounded)

Formerly: Deputy Commander, 31st Separate Guards Airborne Assault Brigade, Western Military District

Ivan has also previously been listed in: 234th Guards Air Assault Regiment, 76th Guards Air Assault Division, Western Military District

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Killed by Sniper somewhere between Kherson and Kryvyi Rih

Full Name: Ivan Vladimirovich Pozdeev

Russian Name: Иван Владимирович Поздеев

Date of Birth: January 7, 1985 (age: 37 years)

Place of Birth: Ust-Tsilma, Ust-Tsilemsky district, Komi Republic, Russia

Phone Number: +7-953-250-8042

Education: Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, Frunze Military Academy

Passport Information: series: 20 № 0427504, issued 26.01.2015 by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, valid until 26.01.2020

Social Media: (made private), (deleted)

Previously Deployed: Ukraine 2014, Syria, Kazakhstan Jan 2022

Awarded: Hero of Russia (ph.), Order of Courage and the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, others under investigation

On February 24, 2022, footage flew around the world, as units of the Airborne Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation landed at the Gostomel airfield, which is just thirty kilometers from Kyiv. Together with the airborne part of the landing, armored vehicles entered Hostomel. The ground grouping of the landing force was commanded by Guards Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Pozdeev.
On July 28, 2022, his regiment defended the area southwest of the village of Belogorka, Kherson Oblast. Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) spent the whole day trying to break through the defenses in this area. In an attempt to dislodge the paratrooper units from the occupied positions, the enemy began a massive artillery bombardment with the use of phosphorus ammunition. Its purpose was to provoke a fire in a nearby forest belt and thus force the paratroopers to leave the defensive lines. The attack was conducted from two directions with the support of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, silent mortars and sniper fire were actively used.
The commander of the regiment competently organized the defense, timely distributed targets and the transfer of fire, introduced the regiment's reserve into the battle and personally headed it. He went to the flank of the advancing enemy and with concentrated fire from combat vehicles and tanks inflicted a fire defeat on his advanced units. The line was held, but the commander himself was killed by a sniper shot.

Three Pozdeevs:
Pozdeev Sergey Ivanovich (Order of the Red Star, posthumously)
Pozdeev Vladimir Ivanovich
Pozdeev Ivan Vladimirovich, Hero of Russia (posthumously),
2 Afghan friends, one died in Afghanistan, the other survived and raised his son - Hero of Russia, who died in SVO in Ukraine.
Three Pozdeevs, three warriors, three defenders of the Russian land.
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