Battalion Commander

Unit: Spetsnaz Battalion, 331st Guards Airborne Regiment, 98th Guards Airborne Division, Western Military District.

Cargo ID: #332

Full Name: Sergei Kononov

Russian Name: Кононов Сергей

Place of Birth: Yekaterinburg, Russia

In 2014, he volunteered for the Donbass, participated in battles for the 32nd checkpoint, and commanded a mortar reconnaissance unit. In 2015, he was the commander of the "Ural Special Forces Company," which fought in Mozgovogo's "Prizrak" brigade and then in the DNR. Subsequently, he fought in Syria and Libya with the Wagner PMC, taking Palmyra and fighting for Latakia, Aleppo and Dar'a. In total, he had four tours in Donbass, three in Syria and three in Libya. He received the highest award of the Syrian Arab Republic from the hands of President Assad personally.
Three months ago Kononov was reenlisted and appointed commander of an SDF company (special operation force) of the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment. On the basis of this company a battalion was formed, Kononov was appointed commander of which on July 18 (the same order restored his officer's rank).
Sergey died near a mortar. "He was an artilleryman from God: he calculated trajectories very well, and he adored mortars. He was able to shoot even without a coaster - from under his elbow. For example, in 2014 he shot down an enemy 'Bucephalus' (Polish armored personnel carrier)."
"Sergei loved mortars."
There are two versions of Sergey's death. According to one, there was a self detonation of a mortar. Sergey was standing closest to him and covered his comrades with himself. According to the second (told by his close friend), the mortar position was attacked by a kamikaze drone. Both stories agree shrapnel hit him in the heart and he died on the spot.
Sergei's funeral will take place at 12 o'clock on July 29 in the ritual hall of the House of Officers in Yekaterinburg, after which Kononov's body will be cremated. The issue of allocation of a place on the Walk of Fame at Shirokorechensky cemetery in Yekaterinburg is being solved now.
Sergey Kononov (right) and Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Special Forces Veterans Foundation Vladimir Yefimov (center) during a uniform check for the Urals volunteers
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