Ukrainian Traitor and Police Department Head

Unit: Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs, DPR

Cargo ID: #324

Full Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Efimov

Russian Name: Ефимов Владимир Владимирович

Date of Birth: 30 October 1963 (59 years)

Place of Birth: Ukraine, Donetsk region

Registered Address: Donetsk region, Makeevka, st. Lenina, 121, apt. 38

Passport #: 9317 080000

DRFO code: 2331308851

Car: Lexus GS350

License Plate: A005AADPR | VIN: JTHCE1BL505025351

Russian statement says he died of illness. I don't have confirmation either way, but a traitor to his people has earned his place on this list. And as they say, never believe anything until Russia denies it.