Regiment Deputy Commander, Su-30SM Pilot - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: Deputy Commander for Military-Political Work; 14th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, 1st Guards Composite Aviation Division, 4th Air and Air Defense Forces Army, Western Military District.

Cargo ID: #23

English Name: Alexander Sergeevich Pazinich

Russian Name: Пазынич Александр Сергеевич

Date of Birth: May 23, 1981 (age: 41 years)

Place of Birth: village Shatalovo-1, Smolensk region

Lived in : Kursk, Kursk Oblast, Russia

Awards: Being Investigated

Social Media:, (2)

Passport Information: series 3812 No. 842315, issued 08/03/2012

SNILS: 174-959-453 31

Phone Numbers: +7-999-605-61-52, +7-920-266-91-48


These are my three friends, Three military pilots, Three lieutenant colonels, Three classmates.

Seryoga Kosik, Max Krishtop, Sanya Pazynich.

Sanya was shot down and killed with the crew a year ago, on March 17, 2022.

Seryoga and Max, a fighter and a bomber, were shot down in March during a combat mission and were captured.
And they went to hell. Thank God they were released today!
" He was buried at the Memorial of the Fallen of the city of Kursk "

Su-30SM "62 Red" RF-81773, s/n 16-02, s/n 10MK51602 (2018 onwards) of the 14th Fighter Aviation Regiment, Khalino airfield, Kursk region.

Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Pazynich Alexander Sergeevich
Navigator - captain Evgeniy Nikolaevich Kislyakov

Both killed on March 15, 2022 near the village of Bryhadyrivka, Kharkiv region, Ukraine (49.28543, 37.34253)