Battalion Commander - Major

Unit: 2nd Motor Rifle Battalion (Battalion Tactical Group "Blade"), 102nd Motor Rifle Regiment, 150th Motor Rifle Division, Southern Military District

Previously: 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade, 49th Combined Arms Army, Southern Military District, After a tour in Syria, he returned as a Training Officer in the Combat Training Department of the Southern Military District, before being reinstated to his final Position.

Cargo ID: #228

Full Name: Vadim Vyacheslavovich Lemesh

Russian Name: Лемеш Вадим Вячеславович

Date of Birth: 24 August, 1987 (age: 34 years)

Place of Birth: Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia

Place of Death: Marinka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine (Artillery strike)

Education: Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School (graduated 2009)

Awards: Hero of Russia (ph.), Order of Courage, Medal "For Courage",other under investigation

Vadim began his service in the 33rd Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade as a reconnaissance platoon commander, and then followed the steps of military service to the position of deputy and commander of a rifle company of snipers, participated in various competitions of the South Military District. Later he became chief of staff and later commander of the motorized rifle battalion of the 102nd motorized rifle regiment. After that, he became an officer in the combat training department of the Southern Military District.

With the beginning of a special military operation in the territory of Ukraine Major Lemesh decided to return to the 102nd regiment, which by that time had suffered losses, one of the combatants had been killed.

Having returned to the regiment, Vadim began to gather under his command the most experienced and competent servicemen of the regiment, including those from other battalions. After some events, the mood in the battalion was far from fighting. Major Lemesh takes control and begins to change this situation, gradually returning confidence to the 2nd Battalion, and most importantly confidence in victory.

Since March 29, 2022 the Battalion Tactical Group (BTGr) under the command of Vadim takes part in the battles for Mariupol. The battalion moved from the east, along Taganrogskaya Street along the industrial zone. Taking a good pace, and successfully advancing regiment transfers positions to the unit "Akhmat", and themselves clean up the private sector in the direction of the avenue on May 1.

On April 14, 2022, the regiment is withdrawn from Mariupol to Popasna. Despite good tempo, Lemesh's BTGr had minimal casualties for such combat.

The battalion's first task was to take the settlement of Boguslavka. Having accomplished this, the BTGr began the task of capturing the Kamyshevakha-Popasnaya highway, in order to cut off supplies for the Popasnaya garrison. Here Lemesh's battalion changed its tactics from assault to reconnaissance, operating stealthily and accurately. Working at night or at dusk, battalion units bypassed landings occupied by the enemy and ambushed AFU supply routes. For some time on the same road, battalion units eliminated several enemy columns. Having taken control of the route, the Blade's BTGr take Alexandropole.

The 2nd Battalion finds itself separated from the 102nd Regiment, but continues to act with confidence, and mines the roads that the AFU uses to drive to Popasna. Alas, but against the general background, the contribution of the 2nd motorized rifle battalion of the 102nd MSP, 150th Division, to the capture of Popasna was not noticeable.

After Aleksandropillya, the battalion bypassed Kamyshevakha, captured Viktorovka, Vrubovka, and Nikolaevka, and fought at Berestovoye. Over this time, the battalion took 26 prisoners, burned down a tank, stole a BMP-2 from the AFU, captured a GUR officer, captured a lot of Western arms: NLAWs, German and Swedish grenade launchers, Javelin APCs, UAR-10 rifles, various Soviet small arms firearms.

After the LNR and a short recovery, Vadim and his battalion begin to take part in battles for Marinka.

On August 6, 2022, Major Vadim Lemesh was killed during an artillery shelling. Being at the entrance to the basement, hearing "coming in", he pushed his fighter inside in front of him and did not have time himself for a second, taking several fragments in the back, one of which, hitting the neck, was fatal.