Head of Engineering Service - Major

Unit: 61st Separate Naval Infantry Brigade, Northern Fleet, 14th Army Corps, Western Military District

Cargo ID: #210

Full Name: Nikolay Nikolaevich Kolomoets

Russian Name: Коломоец Николай Николаевич

Date of Birth: May 3, 1982 (age:40 years)

Place of Birth: Yagelny Bor, (Ягельный Бор), Murmansk, Murmansk Oblast, Russia

Awarded: Order of Courage (ph.), others under investigation

40 days since my brother died in Ukraine, their convoy burned down. His body was not delivered to Russia. He said that they were sent without explaining where or why, he did not want to fight and kill. How to explain to his 7-year-old daughter why dad doesn’t come home, why her father died and where his grave is. We couldn’t even bury him and most likely no one buried him....

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