Regiment Officer - Major

Unit: 6th Engineering Regiment, 45th Separate Guards Engineer Brigade, 1st Guards Tank Army.

Cargo ID: #206

Full Name: Vasily Vladimirovich Murenky

Russian Name: Муренький Василий Владимирович

Date of Birth: August 18, 1982 (age: 40 years)

Education: Nizhny Novgorod Military Engineering School

Awarded: Order of Courage (ph.)

In the Korenovsky district today they said goodbye to two brothers who died in the line of duty in Ukraine.

Vasily and Alexander Murenkikh were buried in the village of Bratkovsky. They died on February 24, performing their military duty during a special operation.

Vasily was 39 years old, Alexander was 30. As is often the case, the younger brother followed in the footsteps of the elder. After school, they worked in a collective farm, then both graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Military Engineering School, served in the engineering troops. They helped their mother, who raised them alone after the loss of her husband. Both brothers are survived by widows and children: Vasily has two sons, Alexander has one daughter.