Regiment Commander - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: 872nd Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment, 127th Motor Rifle Division, 5th Combined Arms Army, Eastern Military District

Cargo ID: #152

Full Name: Fedor Evgenyevich Solovyov

Russian Name: Федор Евгеньевич Соловьев

Date of Birth: 15 May 1977 (age: 45 years)

Place of Birth: Chunaki village, Maloserdobinsk district, Penza oblast, Russia

Registered Address: Russia, Primorsky Krai, Khasansky District, Zanadvorovka village, Garnizonnaya Street, military unit 06025

Education: Yekaterinburg Higher Artillery Command School (1999)

Awards: “For Distinction in Military Service”, 1st class, Order of Courage (ph.), others being investigated

Previously Deployed: North Caucasus, Syria

Passport Information: series 0503 № 254852, issued 27.12.2002 by Barabash Migration Department (Khasan district)

INN (Tax ID): 253103038640