Position Unknown - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: Unknown

Cargo ID: #1307

English Name: Sergey Denisov

Russian Name: Денисов Сергей

Date of Birth: November 17, 1978 (age: 45 years)

Place of Birth: Grainy, Russia

Lived In: Orenburg, Russia

Date of Death: May 10, 2024

"He was called. He is a military man by profession. Officers. He left as a Major, and then became a Lieutenant Colonel,” says Olga Denisova, the deceased’s sister. – He was born in Gainy, but lived in the Orenburg region, in the village of Yasny. Yesterday there was a video identification. I recognized him. You will still recognize your own.
Sergei was called up for a special military operation in August 2022. The deceased will be buried in Gainy. The farewell date is not yet known.
“I don’t know yet when and how they will deliver it,” continues Sergei’s sister. – From Rostov to Perm by plane, and there our military commissar Sergei Vladimirovich Sedegov will pick you up.
We previously wrote that since the beginning of the SVO, the death of one hundred and twenty-nine residents and natives of the Komi District has been confirmed."

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