Deputy Regiment Commander for Armaments - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: 228th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment, 90th Guards Tank Division, Central Military District

Cargo ID: #1297

English Name: Dmitry Aleksandrovich Mikushin

Russian Name: Микушин Дмитрий Александрович

Education: Chelyabinsk Higher Tank Command School (graduated 2005), Military Academy of Logistics and Technical Support (graduated 2021)

Date of Birth: March 27, 1981 (age: 43 years)

Place of Birth: Trekhozernaya, Talitsky district, Sverdlovsk region, Russia

Date of Death: June 1, 2024

Place of Death: Semenovka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine (via Artillery)

Previously Deployed: Georgia, Ukraine 2014

Awards: Medal "Order of Merit for the Fatherland" 2nd Degree, Medal "Zhukov", Medal “For Military Distinction”, Medal “For Military Valor" 1st Degree, Medal “For Service in Tank Forces”, Medal "For Distinction in Military Service", medal “Participant of a special military operation”

...On June 1, 2024, in the area of ​​the village of Semenovka, Donetsk People's Republic, the repair and evacuation group of the 228th motorized rifle regiment of the 90th tank division of the "Center" group of forces, under the leadership of the deputy regiment commander for weapons, head of the technical unit, guard, Lieutenant Colonel D. Mikushin .A. carried out the task of evacuating the damaged BTR-82AM. While carrying out evacuation work, the repair and evacuation group was subjected to artillery fire from the enemy. Three members of the group received shrapnel wounds. Guard Lieutenant Colonel Mikushin D.A. received injuries incompatible with life...

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