Deputy Head of the Russian "Kharkiv Regional Administration"

Rank: Captain

Previous Unit: LPR Spetsnaz Unit "Lynx"

Cargo ID: #1039

English Name: Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Slysarenko

Russian Name: Слысаренко Александр Александрович

Date of Birth: February 10, 1986 (age: 37 years)

Place of Death: Belgorod (Car Bomb)

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk Oblast, Lugansk, Oktyabrskaya str., 26

Registered Address: Ukraine, Kharkiv Oblast, Kharkiv, Peremohy Ave., 68/87

Phone Number: +380-066-494-25-43

DRFO #: 3145213693

In Belgorod, the "deputy head of the Kharkov region administration" Alexander Slisarenko, appointed by the occupiers, was blown up
Slisarenko previously worked in the internal affairs bodies of Ukraine. In 2014, he was an active participant in the Kharkiv anti-Maidan, and in 2021-2022 he fought for the “LPR” as part of the “Lynx” special unit.
Since the summer of 2022, he became “deputy head” of the occupation administration of the Kharkiv region for internal policy. He is involved in Russian atrocities in the occupied territory.
The operation, according to Ukrainian journalists, was organized by the SBU.
The Russians did not comment on the liquidation of Slisarenko.