Howitzer Battery Commander - Major

Unit: First Howitzer Self-Propelled Artillery Battery of the First Howitzer Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion, 74th Separate Artillery Brigade

Cargo ID: #984

English Name: Dmitry Aleksandrovich Fedorov

Russian Name: Федоровым Дмитрием Александровичем

Date of Birth: April 26, 1979 (age: 44 years)

Place of Birth: Maykop, Adygea Republic, Russia

Place of Death: Kherson Oblast

Education: North Caucasus Military Institute of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Faculty of Retraining and Advanced Training of the Military Artillery University (2004)

Awards: Medal "For Military Valor" (Rosgvardia), Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 1st Class, Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 2nd Class, Order of Courage (ph.) others being investigated

Previously Served: Chechnya

He was the only son of his parents Lyudmila Pavlovna and Alexander Andreevich Fedorov, Dmitry is survived by his wife Irina Alexandrovna and little daughter Yulia.

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