Company Deputy Commander

Unit: Unknown

Retired OMON officer. Mobilized in September 2022. Died to a cluster munitions strike in September 2023. Survived by his wife and teenage daughter.

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English Name: Andrei Akhmedovich Magomedov

Russian Name: Магомедов Андрей Ахмедович

Date of Birth: December 12

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Former platoon commander of the 3rd battalion of the Moscow riot police. Member of the Second Chechen and anti-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus. Andrey and I crossed paths on several business trips.

He retired a long time ago. He worked in civilian life. He was mobilized in September last year. Already there he became a platoon and then deputy company commander.


English Name: Oksana Tochilina (Magomedova)

Russian Name: Оксана Точилина (Магомедова)

Date of Birth: April 20, 1980

Living in: Moscow, Russia

Education: Modern Humanitarian Academy (graduated 2003)

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English Name: Raisa Gorina (Magomedova)

Russian Name: Раиса Горина (Магомедова)

Date of Birth: October 24

Living in: Moscow, Russia

Profession: Retired; GMC Rosstat - Main Interregional Center of the Federal State Statistics Service (1973 to 2019)

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