Battalion Commander

Unit: Unknown "Motorized Rifle Battalion"

Cargo ID: #946

English Name: Marat Rafikovich Garipov

Russian Name: Гарипов Марат Рафикович

Date of Birth: August 28, 1966 (age: 56 years)

Place of Birth: Fergana, Republic of Uzbekistan

Education: Alma-Ata Military School (1988)

Awards: Order of Courage (ph.)

Janaz-namaz for a soldier who fell in battle was read by a member of the Presidium of the Moscow branch of the All-Russian public organization "Officers of Russia", Imam of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque Marat Hazrat Arshabayev.

He died in the Svatove District in Luhansk, is survived by his Wife and two daughters and is buried at "Pantheon of Defenders of the Fatherland" near Moscow where amongst others buried is CID #900 Dmitry Utkin
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