Retired Volunteer

Unit: 2nd Battalion, 21st Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, 2nd Guards Combined Arms Army, Central Military District

Cargo ID: #916

English Name: Evgeny Alexandrovich Beloshapkin

Russian Name: Белошапкин Евгений Александрович

Date of Birth: November 7, 1979 (age: 42 years)

From: Malkovskoe rural settlement, Tyumen, Tyumen region, Russia

Awards: Order of Courage (ph.)

" Yevgeny Alexandrovich served in the border troops in Transbaikalia. After the service, he participated in hostilities in the North Caucasus. Then he served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was a district inspector in the Tyumen region, a Police Major. He spent about 20 years serving in the police. He retired in 2019. He went to the special operation zone as a volunteer. "
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