Position Deputy Commander

Unit: Unknown Bashkir Unit

Cargo ID: #906

Call Sign: " Rye " (Рожь)

English Name: Ildar Tashtimirovich Shagalin

Russian Name: Шагалин Ильдар Таштимирович

Date of Birth: April 19, 1963 (age: 60 years)

Place of Birth: Utkalevo, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia

Education: Tolyatinsk Higher Military Construction and Command School

Ildar Shagalin, a mobilized member of the Northern Military District, Major, deputy commander of the rear regiment with the call sign “Rye”, and his classmate Boris Guzairov, visited the studio of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Bashkortostan”.
On the air of the program "Khayerle irtә, Republic" handed over the key to the "UAZ" for mobilized from Bashkiria
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