Battalion Commander

Unit: Motor Rifle Battalion, 488th Motor Rifle Regiment, 144th Guards Motor Rifle Division, 20th Guards Combined Arms Army, Western Military District

Cargo ID: #425

Full Name: Abbas Firudinovich Gashimov

Russian Name: Гашимов Аббас Фирудинович

Education: Federal State Institution of Higher Education "Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School of the Orders of Zhukov, Lenin and the October Revolution Red Banner of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation"

It is known that two weeks before his death he was hospitalized with a moderate wound and concussion. After that he voluntarily wrote a report that he did not need medical care and returned to the SSO zone.

His last words were:
"I always wanted to be proud, to elevate my people. I am the youngest major in our military district. My papers went out for the early designation of "POLKOVNIK". I am only 31 years old sister. I feel sorry for all the Russians, Tabasarans and others, my heart is like this. After every battle, I go to myself crying, if I have not counted someone already."

Past Service:

Major Gashimov was twice in the Syrian republic during combat operations. He performed the state tasks in the state of Venezuela.