Battalion Commander - Major

Unit: 337th Engineer Battalion, 20th Guards Combined Arms Army, Southern Military District

"Sergey came to our unit as a young lieutenant, he served in my battalion. He was one of the best, so he was sent to the Military Engineering Academy, which he successfully completed and was assigned to the Southern Military District. After the start of the special operation, Major Averyanov performed combat missions in Mariupol, where he died" - said Lieutenant Colonel Yuriy Cherednichenko, acting commander of military unit 73420.

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Full Name: Sergei Aleksandrovich Averyanov

Russian Name: Аверьянов Сергей Александрович

Date of Birth: August 30, 1985 (age: 36 years)

Place of Birth: Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russia

Place of Residence: Volzhsky, Volgograd region, Russia

Place of Death: Mariupol, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

Education: Nizhny Novgorod Higher Military Engineering Command School (2009), Military Engineering Academy.

Awarded: Zhukov Medal, Order of Courage (ph.), others under investigation

Previously Deployed: Syria

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