Battalion Commander - Major

Unit: 3rd Battalion, 1428th Motorized Rifle Regiment, 144th Guards Motorized Rifle Division, 20th Guards Combined Arms Army, Moscow Military District

Cargo ID: #1274

Call Sign: "Cross" (Крест)

English Name: Andrey Aleksandrovich Trifonov

Russian Name: Трифонов Андрей Александрович

Education: Tolyatti Higher Military Command, Engineering and Construction School

Date of Birth: September 9, 1978 (age: 45 years)

Place of Birth: St Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, Russia

Date of Death: April 29, 2024

Major Trifonov, was wounded in September of 2023 and ended up in the same hospital in Voronezh as Major Andrey Evgenievich Gromov, who he took over command of the 3rd Battalion from when he was wounded on 19th August, 2023 "severe concussion and shrapnel wounds in the head, leg and arm, eye damage, and lost consciousness.", Major Trifonov evacuated him and then took over command of the 3rd Battalion.

Place of Death: Andriivka area, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

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