Battalion Chief of Staff-Deputy Commander - Major

Unit: Howitzer Artillery Battalion, 10th Tank Regiment, 8th Guards Combined Arms Army, Southern Military District

Cargo ID: #1264

English Name: Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Kuchaev

Russian Name: Кучаев Дмитрий Вячеславович

Date of Birth: 1988 (age: 36 years)

Place of Birth: Shumerli, Chuvash Republic, Russia

Date of Death: May 4, 2024

Place of Death: Aleksandrovka area, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine (via Fragged with an AK-12)

Awards: Under Investigation

One of those killed by Galushko was the division chief of staff, 36-year-old Major Dmitry Kuchaev from Shumerli . He was “covered” by a burst that hit mainly his legs and body.
In September 2023, Kuchaev held a meeting with students of Gymnasium No. 8. The meeting also discussed how to maintain psychological health during war.

A Russian military officer shot six colleagues, including a major from Chuvashia. He could have been provoked by the shelling of Kharkov, in which his mother was injured.

Sergeant Yuri Galushko was born in Kharkiv into the family of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. In 2013, he got married and moved to his wife to the Belgorod Peoples Republic. The couple have been married for 15 years and have two children. The man worked as a security guard at the Mostovye metal structures plant.

Yuri's poor eyesight prompted him to join the army. He loves to read, his eyesight deteriorated over the years, and the operation was unaffordable. Galushko was sent to military unit 24314 (10th tank regiment of the 8th army of the southern military district) in the Aleksandrovka area.

Recently, the DPR Terrorist media and Z-channels disseminated information that Galushko killed six colleagues, including the commander, and then fled with his personal AK-12 weapon. The shooting occurred on May 4. The man is wanted.

The channel, which publishes inside information from security forces, said that Galushko could have been provoked by the shelling of Kharkov. Yuri's mother lives there. He tried to convince the woman to come to the Russian Federation, but she wanted to stay in her house. Recently, during shelling, she ran to the basement to take cover and broke her arm, and then, amid the experience, suffered a stroke. The woman is in serious condition.
As of May 17, 2024 there is still no news of his capture or Whether he managed to escape and surrender to the AFU

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