Retired Volunteer - Colonel

Unit: Unknown
Previously: Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Oryol Region

Cargo ID: #1226

English Name: Andrei Stanislavovich Konovalov

Russian Name: Коноваловым Андреем Станиславовичем

Date of Birth: 1964 (age: 60 years)

Place of Birth: Radovitsky, Moscow Region, Russia

Andrei Stanislavovich was born and raised in the village of Radovitsky. He served in the police for many years, ending his service with the rank of colonel. Most recently, our fellow countryman celebrated his 60th birthday. Despite his age, he considered it his duty to go to the front line to defend the honor of his native country. On March 21, Andrei Konovalov died while performing a combat mission.

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