Battalion Commander - Major

Unit: Unknown Mobilised Battalion from Samara

Previously: Artillery Battalion Commander

Cargo ID: #1189

English Name: Edgar Konstantinovich Pankratov

Russian Name: Панкратов Эдгар Константинович

Date of Birth: March 15, 1989 (age: 34 years)

Place of Birth: Ilyinskoye village, Republic of Tatarstan

Education: Kazan Artillery School

Order of Courage,
Medal of Suvorov

Edgar Pankratov, commander of a military unit consisting mainly of residents of the Samara region, died in the Northern Military District zone. E. Pankratov was born into a military family and since childhood dreamed of continuing the family tradition. He graduated from the artillery school in Kazan.

Pankratov continued his service in one special unit and achieved a significant position in it. Over time, he retired and organized his own business in Tatarstan. Pankratov successfully managed his business before the start of mobilization.

As a former officer, after mobilization was announced in September 2022, Pankratov returned to service and headed a military unit formed in the Samara region. He came to Samara several times on short vacations and negotiated the sending of humanitarian aid to its fighters. For his service, Pankratov was awarded several orders, including the “ Order of Courage"