Retired Volunteer - Major

Unit: Unknown

Previously: Ministry of Internal Affairs

Cargo ID: #1171

English Name: Oleg Raisovich Khakimov

Russian Name: Хакимов Олег Раисович

Place of Birth: Raevsky, Alsheyevsky District, Republic of Bashkorstan, Russia

Place of Death: Unknown (Cancer)

Awards: Order of Courage, others under investigation

We regret to inform you that a native of our area, retired police major Oleg Raisovich Khakimov, has passed away.He served in the internal affairs bodies for 22 years. Performed official duties in the North Caucasus region. In 2022, he volunteered for a special military operation zone.
But a serious cancer disease stood in the way of Oleg Raisovich. Unfortunately, the disease turned out to be more insidious...