Company Commander - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: Unknown
Previously: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kondinsky district.

Ilnur worked at the Tobolsk Department of Internal Affairs of Russia. He began his career as an investigator and gradually rose to the rank of deputy chief of police (2005-2021)

Cargo ID: #1138

Call Sign: “Shaitan” (Шайтан)

English Name: Ilnur Faritovich Burganov

Russian Name: Бурганов Ильнур Фаритович

Date of Birth: 1982, (age: 42 years)

Place of Birth: Tobolsk, Tyumen region

Place of Death: Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine (ground down)

Awards: Medal "For Life Saving"

Near Avdeevka, a former deputy police chief from Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug died during the military action.
During the SVO, 42-year-old assault platoon commander Ilnur Burganov, in the recent past a police lieutenant colonel, died.
"And on the same day he announced that he had signed a contract for six months and was leaving for Ukraine in two days. He left on September 18, 2022,”