LPR Minister - Colonel

Unit: Ministry of Emergency Situations for LPR
Previously: First Deputy Chief of Staff, 2nd Separate Tank Battalion, 2nd Army Corps, LPR Militia

Cargo ID: #1127

English Name: Aleksey Alexandrovich Poteleshchenko / Oleksiy Aleksandrovich

Russian Name: Потелещенко Алексей Александрович

Date of Birth: December 3, 1976 (age: 48 years)

Place of Birth: Bilyaivka, Odesa Oblast, Ukraine

Place of Death: "Adriatic" Cafe and Restaurant, Lysychansk, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine (HIMARS)
(the "Bakery" as claimed by the Russians still stands)

Education: Kharkiv Military University (graduated 1998 with the specialty - Combat use of weapons and means of RCB protection troops)

Awards: Under Investigation

Poteleshchenko is a traitor, he swore an oath to Ukraine.

In 1998, he graduated from the Kharkiv Military University with a degree in "chemical technology and engineering, combat use of weapons and equipment of the Russian Armed Forces."

To this day, the Russian side could not decide what to write about the shelling of the cafe, avoiding as much as possible the fact that a meeting of occupation authorities was held there.

Two municipal deputies - Artyom Trostyansky and Ivan Zhushma were also killed.

Despite the U.N. taking the russian narative and information at face value without bothering to properly investigate they have " Condemnned" this strike, with complete Silence on 4 destroyed Humanitarian warehouses destroyed by the russians and 2 dead French Humanitarian Volunteers, The Strike at the Adriatic was a legitimate target due to the meeting of the Illegal russian terrorist installed Military/Political appointees.

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