Retired Volunteer - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: Unknown
Previously: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irkutsk (served for 16 years)

Cargo ID: #1121

English Name: Dmitry Vladimirovich Yushkovsky

Russian Name: Юшковский Дмитрий Владимирович

Date of Birth: 1964 (age: 58 years)

Place of Birth: Belarus

Lived in: Tsimlyansk, Rostov region, Russia

Place of Death: Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

Awards: Order of Courage, the medal "For Courage" and the insignia of the Order of St. George - the St. George Cross, Others under investigation

Previously Deployed: Afghanistan

Dmitry Vladimirovich headed a platoon of reconnaissance officers from one of the military units in the Northern Military District zone. For his services to the Motherland, the Tsimlyanin was awarded several awards: the Order of Courage, the medal “For Courage”, as well as the insignia of the Order of St. George - the St. George Cross. The last award was presented to him in a snowy field in front of the soldiers by the brigade commander.
As Dmitry Yushkovsky’s relatives told Notebook, he was awarded more awards, including for exploits shown in hot spots in earlier years, but the Tsimlyanin did not tell anyone about them. It is known that he participated in the Afghan War, and received his last award during his life in the Northern Military District zone for the destruction of the German Leopard tank.
It is known that Dmitry Vladimirovich Yushkovsky served in the police for 16 years, and then in the Irkutsk police, where he was the head of the criminal investigation department with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He moved to Tsimlyansk after he married a resident of this city, Yulia. Dmitry Vladimirovich is survived by a daughter and two sons.