Airborne Commander - Colonel

Unit: Commander of the Armored Service of the Airborne Forces Headquarters
Previously: Head of the Armored Service of the 98th Airborne

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English Name: Arman Tolegenovich Ospanov

Russian Name: Оспанов Арман Толегенович

Date of Birth: February 17, 1972 (age: 51 years)

Place of Death: Cossack Camps, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine (artillery fire)

On January 6, Colonel Ospanov arrived with a check at the location of the recreated 104th Airborne Assault Division (the division was restored on 01.12.23 on the basis of the 31st Airborne Assault Brigade) near the village of Cossack Camps in the Kherson region.

Upon arrival, Ospanov found the following situation - a group of servicemen of the 104th Airborne Assault Division on a BREM-1 left to carry out evacuation work of a BTR-82A, which was stuck in the area of the village of Kozachi Lamer. In the course of the work, the towing cables of the ARV broke, which was reported to the command.

Colonel Ospanov took the initiative and decided to personally deliver spare cables for the evacuation of the armored personnel carrier. Having loaded into the UAZ, the group led by Ospanov went to the evacuation site.

Then, after the colonel arrived at the armored personnel carrier and began to install towing cables, the evacuation group came under artillery fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As a result of the strikes, the head of the armored service of the Airborne Forces, Colonel Ospanov Arman Tolegenovich, and the commander of the evacuation section of one of the units of the 104th Airborne Division, Sergeant Krasnov Alexander Anatolyevich, died on the spot. Also, privates of the 104th Airborne Division Evstigneev and Eisner were wounded.

Education: Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (graduated 1995)

Awards: Medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" 1st Class, Medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" 2nd Class, Medal of Suvorov, Medal "For Distinction in Combat", Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 1st Class, Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 2nd Class, Medal "For Distinction in Military Service" 3rd Class, others under investigation, Badge "VUNT SV" (school badge), Badge "Officer Master Class", Badge "Parachutist Instructor", Badge "Graduation from a Higher Education Institution", Badge "Guard"

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