Deputy Head of the Logistics Department - Lieutenant Colonel

Unit: FSB, Border Guards

Cargo ID: #1016

English Name: Sergei Shaty

Russian Name: Шатый Сергей

Place of Death: Ulitsa, Briansk Oblast, Russia (His UAZ Patriot Car was shot by the RDK)

In the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation, a car with Russian border guards was shot. As a result of the attack, a lieutenant colonel of the Federal Security Service (FSB) was eliminated .
As reported by Astra  and " Baza ", the shelling took place on November 9 around 4:00 PM in the village of Ulitsa. An unknown person opened fire on the UAZ-Patriot car of the FSB PU with a small weapon.
Lieutenant Colonel Serhiy Shatiy, deputy head of the material and technical support department of the FSB PU, died on the spot from his wounds.
Subsequently, the "Russian Volunteer Corps", which is fighting against the Russian invaders on the side of Ukraine, announced a successful operation in the Bryansk region. Apparently, the fighters confirmed that they were the ones behind the liquidation of Shatoy.