I've received a lot of requests to add a way for visitors to help support Ukraine and this site. There have been suggestions to sell t-shirts, playing cards, keychains, NFTs, etc. But at the end of the day I've never felt terribly comfortable doing any of that, because inevitably some of the donations go toward making and shipping the merch, rather than supporting Ukraine.

Instead, I'll be working with the folks at SignMyRocket.com to get a 155mm artillery shell signed:

See you on the list! TopCargo200.com

All of the funds go directly toward helping the Ukrainian military, and there is a chance that our shell will directly add to the TopCargo list. The photo of the shell will be posted on the site, as well as made available to be shared far and wide by all of you. This, in turn, will hopefully drive more support for Ukraine and this site.

If this is popular, the next goal will likely be an M982 Excalibur shell, which has the same accuracy of a HIMARS rocket. That means our shell is almost guaranteed to hit a high value target.